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ALEXA Pumps - Black Tips - Desserto® vegan cactus leather

Regular price $149.00


Desserto® cactus leather shoes. The interior of the shoe is made of apple leather. These ballerinas are ethically made by hand in Poland. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, which we recycle*. All components are 100% vegan.

  • Desserto® vegan cactus leather upper
  • Available sizes: US 3 - 11
  • 0.6 inches heel height
  • Regenerated rubber sole
  • Color: Black and white

*When you feel that your shoes have already worn out, send them back to Bohema. They will give the soles a second life and a discount for a new pair.

About the Designer:

Even as a little boy, Sebastian already knew what the craft was. In a small family workshop he watched his father, an experienced shoemaker, making beautiful and top-quality handmade shoes, pair by pair. At that time, he had no idea how much it would affect his future. 20 years later Sebastian (a vegan) after skateboarding for years - founded a streetwear brand where he decided to use his father’s craftsmanship as well as an innovative approach to fashion. As the first one in Poland, he’s been creating vegan shoes made of plant materials. And that’s how Bohema was created. Bohema is a fashion brand for those who appreciate life the most. For those who follow their own paths, often upstream. For those who strive to stand out. For the dreamers, nonconformists and for those who seek for more. The art of creating shoes is passed down from generation to generation in our family. We want our art - as any other art does - to convey our values, therefore all of the materials that we use are 100% vegan - starting with leathers and ending with glues and additives. Future of fashion is in the palm of your hand. Take care of the world with our clothes, shoes and accessories made of plant materials.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at