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Antigone Pump - Black

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Designed in New York and crafted in Italy, Antigone is made with a luxurious recycled cotton velvet with our brand symbol, a dagger, shaped into a 115mm heel outfitted with our flat rose gold logo cap. Antigone hugs your foot in all the right places giving you a sexy and strong silhouette.

Care Instructions:

- Velvets are back and fussier than ever so always keep them standing up to avoid matting or molting.

- Damp cloth recommended for loose dirt; Keep away from direct heat; Discouraged use of cleaning products.

- During travel always store in their given dust bag (wrapped in tissue paper is best).

About the Designer:

Sylth Virago was founded in 2019 by friends Danielle Goldman and Athanasia Diamantis-Svec. Fashionistas and animal lovers alike, they searched in vain for a greater variety of gorgeous products that were created ethically; without harm to animals or the environment. Realizing they had an opportunity to start something great, they brought along designer, Kyle Blackmon whose design pedigree infuses the SV brand with one-of-a-kind designs, strong silhouettes and invaluable industry experience.

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